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Hardware and software complex for vehicle license plate detection and recognition


EDGE is hardware-software system for the recognition of license plates, makes and models of vehicles in the close proximity of the data source. The complex includes a software part based on Intel OpenVINO (UNET, Darknet 19) for detecting and recognizing license plates from video streams and industrial microcomputers in shock-resistant cases with IP66 dust and moisture protection.

Hardware-software systems integrate with Wiegand access control systems and provide access to data via REST API. Fields of application: traffic violation detection (speed limit, vehicle movement direction, stopping and parking in undesignated places, driving on the red light, etc.); control of entry/exit zones with integration with other monitored systems via Wiegand or dry contacts, automation of generating applications for incoming vehicles (where the main identifier is a license plate), collection and analysis of non-personalized data on passing vehicles in the camera field of view (the number of vehicles by make/model).

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