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The Selectel Cloud Platform is a fully user-managed private cloud hosted in Selectel data centers. The cloud is based on virtual servers and networks (local and public).

Flexibility and scalability is provided by partitioning disks and computing power. When creating new or updating working virtual servers, you can connect existing disks with configured operating systems, while changing the amount of RAM or virtual processors.

The Virtual Private Cloud service includes the following components:

  • Virtual Private Cloud. Isolated virtual network of servers with managed IP address space
  • Resources. Atomic units available for use, which are part of the resources of the physical server
  • Virtual server. A virtual machine created within dedicated resources and behaving like a dedicated server
  • Networks. Local and public subnets for organizing virtual machines into groups and providing access to the Internet
  • Router. Connects subnets and distributes traffic between gateways, NAT gateways, and subnets
  • Licenses. Additional Windows Server leased licenses
  • Image storage. Space to store your own server images

Resources are available in several zones within the regions: Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are completely independent of each other. Creation of virtual servers is carried out through the use of dedicated resources. The bandwidth of network connections is 1 Gbps.





logo Selectel Cloud Platform
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