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Platform for digitizing paper documents


The main idea of Soica solution is maximum automation of the document digitization process within the framework of the operation of a streaming data entry system with minimal costs: quick setup and preparation of the system, flexible approaches to operation, convenient sorting and classification of documents (by type, attributes), data extraction from documents of any quality and type.

The features of the service are as follows:   recognition of documents of any complexity in most languages ??of the world (identity documents, primary accounting, contract documents, etc.) with further classification by archives and sorting by all corporate systems (ERP, CRM, ECM, financial and accounting systems, etc.), identifying colored objects (stamps, signatures, blacking, links), recognition results for each document from several received types of image representations (significantly increases the accuracy); adaptive document preparation (resizes documents, crops them according to specified proportions relative to specified graphic objects (photos, faces, stamps, logos, etc.).







logo Soica


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