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Financial risk online indicator service


Svetofor makes it possible for corporate clients to evaluate the risks of the operations in terms of legal requirements. The evaluation process is based on 5 criteria: the percent of tax liabilities, the proportion of operations including VAT and not including VAT, cash withdrawal amount, the amount of money remittances to individual accounts and the remaining balance. 

The results of the check and the problems identified will be marked by colour risk level indicators. The green light means “no risks by any criteria”, the yellow light means “pay attention to the following signs” and the red light means “high risk of law violation”.

Together with the “traffic lights-coloured” indicators, the user gets short explanations, what are the main legal requirements for this type of operations, what are the violations and what are their signs and how to minimize risks. “Svetofor” is provided in the internet bank for corporate clients.

logo Svetofor


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