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Two-factor password-free user authentication


The two-factor authentication system is used for authentication of users and authorization of their actions on Internet services where security is critical (money transfer, personal data). With TeddyID you don’t have to enter one-time-use codes and passwords, just compare two images on the computer and smartphone.

The basic principle of the system’s operation lies in using the phone as a device that confirms the person’s identity when he accesses websites and cloud services of the company from a PC. In general, the authentication procedure with TeddyID is the following (considering that both devices are linked to the given service).

The user requests the authentication form on a website and selects the corresponding user account linked to TeddyID. TeddyID identifies the given message, send the same images to both devices (the browser of the computer and phone). If the images match, the user presses the button “Yes” on his phone which is shown under the sent picture (the authentication procedure is considered to be complete). The user receives access to the requested resources.

logo TeddyID
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