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Video analytics system for automation of production processes


VideoMatrix products are designed for tracking and accounting of products when manufactured, transported and stored with the help of identification tools. The system allows you to control a person’s physical and emotional state (by pulse, head position, eyelid state), movement trajectory and speed, compliance with the occupational safety standards and perimeter, commodity zones and service quality. 

The industrial solutions, the basic one of which is enterprise video analytics system Vmx Qualex, are adapted to a specific production by choosing processing methods and setting object parameters. The system generates and uses a single picture of the controlled space on the basis of an array of cameras. The product is applicable for enterprises with streaming (conveyor) production, where information on the history of product passage, control of its condition at production stages is needed. The product captures, monitors and classifies products at production sites, monitors the state of the product warehouse, monitors the position of assembly units, and monitors the state (geometry) and volume of cargo contents (including bulk) in open areas, in wagons or truck bodies cars using stereoscopic machine vision and laser scanners.

Computer vision systems can work both in visible and infrared spectrum, at low and high temperatures, despite various unfavorable factors and noise, in dust and dirt, rain and snow.

logo VideoMatrix


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