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Multimedia platform with voice control


The personal home assistant works by hearing voice commands though the built-in smart voice assistant Alice. Its main features include: responding to questions, searches the Internet for information, plays music through the service Yandex.Music.

The station can also be connected to a TV, monitor or projector and manage video viewing from online movie theaters and the Internet. Yandex.Station can perform the same commands as Alice.

The speaker can talk to a user, independently play the selected music, show requested movies on a TV, search the Internet for information, for instance, check the weather or traffic conditions, set an alarm clock and perform other tasks. In addition, the company launched a platform Yandex.Dialogs to create chatbots on the basis of Alice.

The device connects to a TV via HDMI interface, and to the Internet – via Wi-Fi. Yandex.Station is built on the Yandex IO platform. The main components of the platform – microphone array and computer (main board). Yandex IO allows the Station to hear a user even from afar and in difficult acoustic conditions.

logo Yandex.Station
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