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Yandex.Zen is Yandex personal recommendations service built in Yandex.Browser, a mobile application and the Yandex main page. Uses machine learning technologies.

Zen creates content feed that automatically adjusts to the interests of the user. Content selection is based on the analysis of browsing history, user-specified preferences, location, time of day and other factors. Zen has a weekly active user audience of more than 20 million people. Zen is an example of the implementation of a specialized artificial intelligence technology.To analyze the interests and preferences of users, Yandex uses information about the websites that have been visited, as well as user-specified interests.

The system analyzes the user's favorite sites and other behaviors with the aim of creating a unique model of user's preferences. With an increasing amount of data about the user, the system can offer the user more relevant and topical content, including content from sources unfamiliar to the user. Zen adapts to the changing interests of the user. Prediction of user interest by using collaborative filtering.

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logo Yandex.Zen
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