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Social media analysis and monitoring system


The system allows to monitor a brand mentions on social networks and online media, find consumer insights, respond to user concerns and analyze the perception of products and services by consumers.

YouScan provides detailed reports on the number of messages with key phrases, categorizing data by author, sentiment and source. The tool contains automatic sentiment detection. In the summary report, the service can provide basic statistical information on the selected topic with data on the number of messages recorded, authors, sources, dynamics and degree of enthusiasm (frequency of brand mentions by the user). You can attach notes to the mentioned references, there is an export of analytical reports to Excel.

In July 2019, a smart personal assistant - Aina with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms was announced. The main function of the assistant is to provide rapid notification of what is most important for the brand on social media at the current time. Aina defines the main source of discussion, the type of messages, region and gender of authors.

By analyzing many different parameters, such as the source of discussions, sentiment, engagement, number of likes, potential audience, Aina takes into account the overall «background» in the monitoring topic and analyzes deviations from the average parameters.

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