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Cognitive Pilot freezes the development of autonomous systems for cars

February 10, 2021, 15:45 (UTC+3)|

A representative of Cognitive Pilot (a joint venture between Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies) said that the development of autopilots for vehicles is no longer a priority for the company. The reason is the absence of laws and by-laws regulating the movement of unmanned vehicles on the roads both in Russia and in other countries. Also among the barriers, a company representative names the lack of clear and well-developed business models related to unmanned vehicles.

Today, the main priorities of the company are unmanned control systems for agricultural machinery (Agro Pilot), smart active safety systems for rail vehicles (Rail Pilot) and radars for unmanned vehicles. However, the company is not going to completely abandon the direction of unmanned vehicles: research and development in this area will continue.

Last year, the Cognitive Agro Pilot unmanned system began to be used in harvesting in 35 regions of Russia, with its help it was possible to collect more than 720 thousand tons of the crop. And this year it became known that the company plans to open sales and service offices abroad - in Brazil, Argentina, as well as in the USA, in order to promote the Agro Pilot system there.

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