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Cognitive Agro Pilot

Autonomous control system for agricultural machinery


The autonomous control system based on artificial intelligence is designed for installation on agricultural machinery – farm tractors, combine harvesters. The automated system, in addition to the AI system, includes a camera and a calculator with additional interface units with combine harvester’s onboard systems.

The Cognitive Agro Pilot is based on the technology of deep learning for neural networks. The Cognitive Technologies’ team of developers in real-life conditions worked on collecting datasets (the images that contain the main elements of a field environment used for neural network training) and taught neural networks to perceive objects and situations a smart combine harvester will confront during the process of its work and which should be recognized by the artificial intelligence.

AI systems can see different types of boundaries of a field (edge, cutting), eliminating the need in installing extra sensors on the equipment. The solution also allows for adding new types of boundaries (rowing – the shape of planting certain crops, for instance, corn, as well as that of tilled and untilled parts of a field).

logo Cognitive Agro Pilot


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