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Gazprom-Media and MaximaTelecom will receive information from fiscal operators

September 1, 2020, 09:10 (UTC+3)|

Three largest Russian fiscal data operators, Platforma OFD, Taxcom and Perviy OFD, have agreed to a partnership with Kvant (a joint venture of Gazprom-Media and MaximaTelecom).

According to CNews Analytics data for April 2020, Platforma OFD (Sberbank is one of the co-owners) occupies 28.4% of the fiscal data operators market in terms of the number of connected cash registers, Taxcom occupies 15.5% of the market, Perviy OFD (part of VTB Group ) - 15.2% of the market.

As part of the partnership, Kvant will buy de-identified data on Russians’ offline purchases from these companies. The data will be used to target advertisements in the advertising networks of Yandex and Group, Facebook, Instagram and on Gazprom-Media websites.

The supplies of de-identified data on offline purchases will increase the accuracy of online advertising, and also allow to analyze sales before and after the advertising campaign, the representatives of fiscal data operators claim.

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