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MTS launched a video broadcast with data analytics over the 5G network at the VDNH skating rink

February 9, 2021, 17:33 (UTC+3)|

MTS has launched a video broadcast with data analytics in 4K quality at VDNH via its pilot test network. For the demonstration, the operator organised an online broadcast from a 360º HD video camera over the 5G network. Information from the camera is sent to the video analytics server for processing by neural networks of the Sitronics IT company. AI estimates the average speed of movement, the number of falls and collisions, the ratio of children to ride on and adults.

This is one of the possible scenarios for the practical application of 5G technologies and neural networks. AI can also determine the density of riders, the use of personal protective equipment, and even the predominant color of visitors' clothing. 

Broadcast from VDNH → 

According to research by ICT.Moscow, AI is the second technology after robotics that was used in the implementation of 5G cases in 2020.  

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