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Digital culture in education: the role of IT in the educational process


The study includes a comparative analysis of 11 comparable megacities in terms of digital culture and all elements of the school ecosystem (content and teaching methods, teachers, infrastructure, assessment of results, software). These megacities are Moscow, Singapore, Tallinn, Toronto, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seoul, Helsinki, Sydney, London.

Since 2018, all schools in Moscow have been provided with infrastructure, including interactive panels, Wi-Fi, servers and laptops for teachers. Digital tools are used to plan and organize the educational process: individual education plans, timetable and work programs.

All schools in the city have implemented the MES (Moscow Electronic School) system, which has become one of the most demanded online learning services in the country. Similar educational systems exist only in 4 out of 10 comparable cities - Singapore, Toronto, Stockholm and Los Angeles.

The period when everyone had to quickly switch to distance learning during the pandemic became a stress test which demonstrated the technical resilience of the Moscow school system. Together with Singapore and Tallinn, Moscow is one of the three leaders in terms of digital equipment in schools.

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