The Roscongress Foundation, Redmadrobot, and the Academy of Real Estate (ARE) have published a joint study of digital technologies used in residential real estate. The work studies the current state of the market for smart home systems and identifies barriers to this technology. 

Key findings: 

  • Although the Russian smart home systems market is still at an early stage of development, the interest in this technology is rising both among users and public authorities. Based on 2019 sales figures, Russian retailers report that smart home tools are growing in popularity as people are seeking resource efficiency, economy, and safety.  
  • In the near future, IoT systems will mainly be introduced as pilot projects. Mass integration of IoT into utilities is forecast for a later time — three to five years from now.AI is one of the closest future trends in utilities. Elements of this technology are expected to raise the level of automation in the industry and help manage municipal facilities in a more efficient way.
  • Despite the growing popularity of smart home systems, there are many barriers to their mass installation, most notably the high cost of such tools and their vulnerability to cyber threats.
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