The smartphone market in Russia slowed rapidly in Q4 2020, to stand at a total of 7.902 million units and a value of $2.236 billion at retail prices before sales tax. The unit figure was a full fifth lower than that in Q4 2019.

For the full year, the Russian smartphone total of 30,376 million units was down -7.6% in volume and -8.5% in value, the smallest market since 2017 in unit terms.

Samsung was easily market leader in Q4 unit terms, but Apple bested Xiaomi for second place. Apple's share of the smartphone market rose to 19.1%, its highest since early 2018, and in value terms Apple pulled ahead of all other vendors combined for the first time ever in Russia.

Apple value surged thanks to the launch success of the iPhone 12 range, which made up nearly half of iPhone sales in Russia during the quarter.

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