This report outlines the influence of 5G, the world’s next technological breakthrough, upon the European Economy (the European Union member states and the United Kingdom). It thoroughly examines the economic benefit driven by 5G, as well as illustrates how key industries will be affected through major industry use cases. Opportunities to accelerate the economic benefits from 5G are also identified.

According to Accenture’s latest economic modeling analysis completed for this paper, the impact of 5G on the European economy will drive up to €2.0 trillion in incremental gross output (sales) growth between 2021 and 2025. Over the same period:

  • 5G will add up to €1.0 trillion to European GDP.
  • 5G has the potential to create or transform up to 20 million jobs across all sectors of the economy.
  •  Multiplier effects will be felt in every industry. For example, for every euro introduced by the direct effect of 5G in Information Communication Technologies (ICT), an additional €1.0 will be created elsewhere throughout the economy.
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