This latest report by GSMA Intelligence provides an in-depth review of the mobile economy in Russia and CIS.

Key findings

  • In 2019, mobile technologies and services generated 6.1% of GDP in the CIS region – a contribution of $137 billion of economic value added. 
  • The mobile ecosystem also supported over 830,000 jobs, either through direct employment or indirectly through activity in the wider economy, and contributed $14 billion to the funding of the public sector – mainly via general taxation.
  • There were 410 million SIM connections in the CIS region as of the end of 2019, equivalent to a penetration rate of 139%. 
  • 4G overtook 2G as a proportion of connections in 2019 and became the leading mobile technology in the region during 2020.
  • Greater use of data-intensive services and demand for higher speeds will drive further adoption, with 4G accounting for nearly two thirds of total connections by 2025. In certain countries, GSMA analysts expect this will also deliver some revenue uplift.
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