The Smart Centres Index (SCI) has been developed by Z/Yen, as part of its Long Finance Initiative and the Distributed Futures Programme to track the development of technology and financial centres across the world in their support for and readiness for new technology applications.

The SCI tracks three dimensions related to innovation and technology in the cities that are ranked:

  • Innovation Support - the support provided by regulatory and other systems to innovation and technology in a centre.
  • Creative Intensity - the intensity of technology and innovation services and opportunities in a centre.
  • Delivery Capability - the quality of the technology and innovation work that is taking place in a centre. 

In the second edition of the Smart Centres Index (SCI 2) released in December 2020, the Russian capital moved up three positions and was ranked 44th. Sydney, Bangkok, Melbourne, Milan were placed next to Moscow in the rating. New York has taken first place in the index, with London dropping to second and Singapore retaining its third place.

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