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Candidate assessment system


Job BestFitMe provides the creation of psychometric personality profiles using a photo portrait and uses artificial intelligence and computer vision. Artificial intelligence analyzes the profiles of applicants based on the developed technology and a database of millions of profiles. As a result, the employer receives an objective and scientifically based characterization of the psychological profile of the candidate.

The system analyzes the main personality traits on the basis of the Big Five psychological model, which describes the structure of a person’s personality through five relatively independent traits: pragmatism / ingenuity, carefree / state of being organized, uneventfulness / vitality, detachment / kind-heartedness, restraint / sensitivity. Job BestFitMe determines a person’s tendency to behave in a particular role. The role model is based on the proper personality model and contains 243 unique combinations of roles.

logo Job BestFitMe
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