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Automated lighting management and control system


KULON is a software-hardware complex, consisting of a set of modules, a specialized basic software and KULON statistics server. Implementing KULON helps to save 40% of consumed electric energy depending on the type of lamps set up. The system saves energy due to optimization the time-schedule of switching on/off the light, dimming, individual and group control of lamps. A wide range of hardware and the capabilities of basic software and KULON statistics server allow to implement more than 25 light management and control solutions.

The options of KULON are as follows: group management and dimming, switching on/off the light on schedule, incremental switching off or dimming in order to increase the lifetime of discharge lamps and save energy, diagnosing the voltage in the outgoing cables, collecting data from the meters, the possibility of building an automated system of commercial energy accounting system, integration into existing management system.

logo KULON
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