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Information portal to control urban improvements


The purpose of the portal is to give residents of the city of Moscow the opportunity to participate in managing the development of the city, to control the timeliness and quality of work. On the portal, you can comment on the status of work at a particular facility, report problems or the need to include additional work in the plans.

The user of the portal can receive information about more than 120 thousand city objects, as well as report the inadequate state of urban infrastructure. Messages and reports are moderated within 24 hours. All published messages are mandatory for consideration by the authorities of Moscow. All messages to be responded within 8 working days.

A responsible authority is assigned to each problematic topic. The resident can confirm or deny the elimination of the problem. For each request, the user is awarded points, most active users are included in the ranking.

logo Gorod.mos.ru
393Latest update:12.11.2020

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