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The system of authentication and registration on the mos.ru city portal and access to information resources of the city Mos.ID provides an API for third-party developers. This allows legal Internet resources oriented to the provision of the Internet services for Moscow residents to use the system for login user free of charge.

The advantage of this entry system is that the data stored in the system is always relevant: personal data entered during registration on mos.ru (information resources access control system) is checked in state databases, identity is confirmed in the multifunctional centers for provision of public and municipal services or by linking a confirmed public services account and contains a large number of verified information (while social networks only confirm phone number and e-mail).

Consequently, one user can have only one authentic account, and companies can provide services online (for example, to provide the results of medical tests, taken at a private clinic, an extract from the credit bureau without additional confirmation of identity).





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