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The online school for students in grades 1-11 and preschoolers conducts individual lessons with a teacher on an interactive platform.

Subjects studied: English for children 4-9 years old, English for children 10-18 years old, mathematics for students in grades 1-11, mathematics for preschoolers, Russian for students in grades 5-11, physics for students in grades 7-11, social studies for pupils of grades 8-11. Also available are preparation courses for CDF, OGE and USE.

The interactive notebook allows teachers to submit assignments to students in grades 5-11 and conduct automatic assignment checks. The teacher receives the results as soon as the student completes the work. Statistics are available for the entire class and for each student: correct answers and mistakes, difficult topics, student GPA.

The first lesson is free. Skysmart is on the federal list of recommended digital assets.





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