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System for identity documents recognition


The system allows to identify clients by checking their identity documents in mobile, desktop and server apps. The solution extracts data in the video stream from the passport of the Russian Federation, SNILS, driving licenсe, vehicle registration certificate; the system also recognizes photos and document scans.  

Smart IDReader determines the type of the document, recognizes text and machine readable zones (MRZ), finds a photo and a signature. Moreover, Smart IDReader allows to recognize 1D barcodes.

The system monitors the process of recognition and warns the user about the possible mistakes. Smart IDReader uses operative memory (does not create copies or transmit data for processing via internet to the cloud or server)

In June 2018 a new version of the system, Smart IDReader 2.0 was released .  It was created using deep sparse discrete neural networks, it can recognize official documents, A4 format documents in a video stream or image and deals with random camera angles. The new version provides an opportunity to recognize a handwritten passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

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