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VOCORD Phobos IPtel

System of monitoring and recording of IP-telephony


VOCORD Phobos IPtel allows to record and monitor an unlimited number of IP connections in real time, display connection attributes, record from telephone microphones, carry out sound cleaning and replicate onto external media. The system has flexible selection of conversations for recording, flexible configuration of user permissions, recording planner and an inbuilt player.

Supported protocols: H.323, SIP, Skinny, Unistim, Avaya IPoffice. System components: Phobos IPtel server for analyzing IP telephony protocols, Phobos Server archive server, Phobos Client operator’s workplace. One server can in real time process and record up to 300 connections into archive simultaneously.

A computer with installed Phobos Client software allows the operator to search, process, listen to all audio recordings. The system is unlimitedly scaled according to the number of IP connections processed, supports an unlimited number of servers of both types and an unlimited number of operators work stations.







logo VOCORD Phobos IPtel



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