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Learning Management and Talent Management System


WebTutor is a comprehensive software platform that provides advanced functionality for automating recruiting, learning management, e-Learning, testing, personnel assessment, performance management, skills and competency management, career development, corporate communications, knowledge management, and more.

WebTutor functionality is delivered on a portal that can be configured as an HR Portal, Learning and Development Portal, Corporate Portal, or Knowledge Portal.
WebTutor allows solving the following tasks: managing internal and external recruiting processes, organizing distance learning based on e-Learning courses and webinars, creating e-learning content, planning and conducting electronic testing, automating onboarding processes, automating instructor led-training and blended learning, planning and execution of personnel assessment procedures, including competence and performance management, defining and managing career development plans, building career pools (HiPo, mobile employees, top performers, organizing succession planning, creating corporate electronic libraries and knowledge bases.

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