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COVID-19. Ensuring technological sustainability


PwC experts highlight a number of common technology sustainability challenges businesses face due to COVID-19:

  • IT specialists. Companies depend on key staff and specific IT practices. Supporting certain technology segments or market sectors that require additional resources can be difficult due to staff age or lack of specialists.
  • Work of IT services. Entrepreneurs must ensure the sustainable delivery of IT services in context of disruption and fragmentation. It is important to analyze how well a service desk can handle the increase in the number of remote workers.
  • IT supply chain. Delays and non-fulfillment of orders for equipment and services by external parties can have a significant impact on the business. An imbalance between supply and demand for some items (eg laptops, 4G modems) may affect the viability of the disaster recovery plan.
  • IT resource management. Leaders must be prepared for changes in customer behavior: this concerns the growing demand from employees for remote access solutions and from customers for digital services, many of which are transferring to remote mode due to self-isolation.
  • IT change management. The crisis can cause unplanned re-prioritization of change projects and delays in commissioning. In addition, the perception of some dangers can be distorted, resulting in an increased number of serious incidents and urgent changes.
  • IT systems disaster recovery and IT risks. Against the background of increased risk, an importance of restoring IT systems is growing. There may be a lack of technology controls, or they may not be suitable for long-term changes in working methods.
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