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The site is used for carrying out polls among different groups of Moscow citizens in electronic form on the subject of the city’s development. In November 2017 the project adopted a blockchain technology. It is realized with the help of the Ethereum platform that runs on the basis of smart contracts and is an open-source program available on GitHub which guarantees the transparency of the solution. Every poll is secured by a smart contract where the storage and count of votes takes place.

Vote checking is carried out using a unique user identifier – a randomly selected number assigned to a user when he registers in the project. This identifier is used by the user himself to check the results of his voting in the huge amount of available vote results. A new user is registered using a mobile application and entering his mobile phone number and personal data.

In February 2018 the platform Active Citizen was used to launch a pilot project “Electronic house” to organize online meetings of homeowners.

The open source Active Citizen can be used by any federal subject of the Russian Federation; additionally it will require a redesign as well as integration with external systems.







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