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Remote proctoring solution for online exams integrity


Remote proctoring solution that allows to ensure the integrity of exam tests that are conducted online. The algorithm of the program can detect several situations , which should be avoided during the exam at once from the video from the web-camera. It can tell by the face of the test-taker that he is trying to pass the exam for another student, or it can tell the observer that the student looks away too often and is probably cheating.

The program can notice both the change of the active window on the student's computer and the appearance of a stranger in front of the monitor. The algorithm can be customized for each examiner: the person's actions during the exam are compared with their usual behavior. During study, the program remembers the behavior style characteristic of each student, how often he looks away. For example, if a student is usually focused on assignments, and suddenly begins to look away for a long time.

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