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Tech in Moscow #21 (25-31 January 2021)

February 1, 2021, 11:00 (UTC+3)|

The weekly observer of Moscow's tech stories


main news about Moscow's projects, developers and technologies

  • Moscow opens access to AI technologies for doctors all over Russia
  • Big Data Platform, a joint venture of VTB and Rostelecom, has created a new service for business to work with big data
  • Estonian taxi service Bolt has announced the search for partners to launch in Moscow and the regions
  • RZD Technologies and Robin will create the first Russian marketplace for robotic software solutions  (Cards of Robin)
  • Mindsmith launches CBDC Navigator, a curated library of resources on Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Intellogic received a CE mark certification in the European Union for its Botkin.AI platform  (Card of Botkin.AI)
  • Group-IB granted Innovation Excellence Award from Frost & Sullivan for Digital Risk Protection (Cards of Group-IB)


A law on the "digital sandboxes", experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovations, came into force in Russia

The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a new draft government decree on the development of communication networks, data storage and processing infrastructure

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  • Wikium EdTech platfrom attracted investments to scale the project (Card of Wikium)
  • Airo service raised $790 thousand from MTS for development (Card of Airo)
  • Sberbank will invest $461 million in the Gо marketplace and will become its main owner


researches, monitorings, reports and other analytics of Moscow and Russian IT market

  • MTS: small and medium-sized businesses from Moscow began to connect to cloud services more often →
  • Kaspersky Lab: Multi-party computations and edge computing are going to become more widely adopted in 2021→
  • Russian banks use AI technology at almost every stage of customer service →


discover people who stand behind the innovative companies and projects in Moscow

Ilia Romanov, Deputy CEO of VisionLabs | Facebook | LinkedIn

Dmitry Istomin, CEO of Examus | Facebook | LinkedIn

Andrey Chernogorov, Co-founder and COO of Cognitive Pilot, CEO of Cognitive Technologies | Facebook

Sergey Belan, Founder & CEO of Wikium | Facebook | LinkedIn

Anton Drachev, CEO of Airo | Facebook | LinkedIn

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