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Software platform based on artificial intelligence


The solution is a high-tech software platform based on artificial intelligence,  it recognizes speech and realistically voices any text, imitating a live dialogue with an operator. The bot can receive an incoming call, identify the subscriber's problem and solve it either independently or by redirecting it to a specialist. Client companies can use a voice bot instead of a secretary, combining all the advantages of real communication and the universality of IVR-solutions.

The bot receives calls 24 hours a day and can call up to 2000 clients per minute. Due to the fact that the bot data is stored in the cloud, several users can access it at the same time.

The MTT voice bot is able to receive incoming calls 24/7 and recognize the client’s speech with an accuracy of 87%, call clients and sell goods, read news out loud, conduct surveys, the bot allows to test dialogue scenarios, integrate with telephony or API of existing CRM and any external resources, the MTT voice bot for business allows to process every request of the client, improve the quality of service and marketing campaigns.

logo Voice bot


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