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Platform for recruitment optimization


The system allows  to attract the best candidates (response   through a published vacancy on social networks, career site), organize the process of working with them (correspondence, appointment of meetings, integration with calendar), as well as involve colleagues in making common decisions.  

Potok.io includes AI-based extension Sever.ai, that allows to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the company with an accuracy of up to 92% and relieves the recruiter from routine functions.

The extension helps an HR specialist to process large amounts of information, save time, and increase conversion. A recruiter can invite a candidate to an interview without waiting for agreement with the line manager of the potential staff member, as the AI evaluates the candidate’s suitability for the position in advance. The solution also helps to choose from several candidates.

The neural network model evaluates the information on the data labeling predefined by 150 professional recruiters. Input data for the neural network is a job description. It is then trained at all available vacancy bases. After training, it marks the candidates' resume - makes an assessment of the suitability of the vacancy.

355Latest update:08.17.2020

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