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VOCORD ParkingControl

System of automatic monitoring of vehicle entry and exit


VOCORD ParkingControl can recognize the vehicle license plate number, fixate parking violations,  and check the license plate numbers in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate databases. The system ensures automation of the vehicle access control procedure, control over the actions of the guard, facility attendance analysis and video recording in case any disputes arise.

How it works: IP cameras, that are installed at the entrance and exit (for a standard checkpoint), recognize the license plate number and record it in the archive with all the information about the date, time and place of entry. The information about the vehicle is displayed on the guard’s monitor together with an entry allowed/entry not allowed mark, and the recognized license plate number, photo of the vehicle and a close-up photo of the plate number, color indicator showing if the vehicle to a specific category and comments.

If the vehicle is on the list of vehicles permitted to enter the territory, the system automatically raises the turnpike, or the turnpike rises on the command of the guard. The guard can also add a new vehicle to the list at the moment of entry. If entry is unauthorized, it is displayed in the system log.

The system is supplied either as a ready for setup unit (camera, server, preinstalled software), or as a software with recommendations for equipment selection. VOCORD ParkingControl software is based on the Vocord Tahion software for video surveillance and video analytics and uses its basic server modules. The system is intended for automatic recognition of license plate numbers and vehicle control in parking lots, on business center territories, in residential compounds and at secured facilities.

logo VOCORD ParkingControl
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