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VOCORD Traffic

Intellectual system for license plate number recognition and traffic violations fixation


VOCORD Traffic allows to recognize license plate numbers; fixate traffic violations on straight sections, at crossroads, railroad crossings by taking photos and recording video; check the vehicle in the external databases; detect the vehicle in the monitored area; define the location, trajectory and speed of the vehicle; upload the data to the data storage and processing center and the Centre for automated recording of traffic offences, collect road traffic statistics and protect the data in the system.

To detect the violations on straight sections of the road VOCORD Cyclops are used, they control from two to four lanes of traffic in one or two directions. VOCORD NetCam4 cameras and also video surveillance cameras are mounted at crossroads to recognize the license plate numbers. To detect “Crossing stop line” and “Driving through a red light” violations the system connects to the traffic lights controller and uses a video analytics algorithm of traffic signal recognition.

To process data from cameras and VOCORD Cyclops a switchboard cabinet with an inbuilt VOCORD SSCross server is used. It ensures electricity supply to the control station and the protection of communications and power supply lines. The data from the station is automatically uploaded to the archive server with Traffic Archive software installed and then exported to the Centre for automated recording of traffic offences.

logo VOCORD Traffic



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