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Active citizen


The Active Citizen project was created in 2014 as a platform for electronic voting on urban development issues. An exclusive feature of the project is the guaranteed implementation of the decisions taken by Muscovites by voting.

Most of the changes in the city are taking into account the opinion of Muscovites. The voting participants determine which streets, courtyards and parks need to be improved, how city clinics, libraries, multifunctional centers should work, and also choose events for festivals and celebrations. With the help of the project, residents of the capital learn about innovations in the city and evaluate them through the section on the website and in the mobile application.

Since its launch, the project has significantly expanded its functionality and rubricator. Currently, Active Citizen combines several independent services that shape the culture of digital democracy among Moscow residents.

At the moment, the following sections are available on the website and in the application of the project: "Votes", "Public discussions of urban planning projects", "City novelties", the Shop of incentives for project participants, "Pulse of the capital", "Project in faces", an online map of solutions realised in the city following the voting results.

key results:
  • Launch date: 2014
  • Since 2014, more than 4.8 million users have joined the Active Citizen project, almost 2 million of which registered in 2020
  • On average about 200 thousand people take part in each voting
  • For six years of the project's work, more than 4.8 thousand votes were held and over 3.5 thousand decisions were implemented
  • More than 156 million opinions of citizens were taken into account
  • Currently, more than 28 thousand apartment buildings in Moscow and more than 151 thousand residents have connected to the Electronic House platform, 265 OSS and more than 1261 thousand surveys have been conducted
  • Since July 2020, over 101 thousand users have voted in the “Capital Pulse” section of the “Active Citizen” project, more than 917 thousand ratings have been received
  • In the Rewards Store, more than 4.1 million orders have been completed during the project. In 2 months, 224 partners and about 6 thousand reward issuing points were connected to the Million Prizes project. More than 2 million citizens took part in it, more than 2.6 million orders were delivered

The Active Citizen platform was selected by the organizers of Smart City Week in the USA as an example of best practice in the area of ​​citizen involvement in city governance. The presentation of the Active Citizen was featured on the event website for a duration of one week and was sent to all interested cities for familiarisation.

The project reached the final of the award by the World Organization of Smart Sustainable Cities WeGO

The project was awarded a diploma "Useful practice" of the review competition of the Assembly of Capitals and Large Cities of the EAEU "The City Where You Want to Live"

The project took 3rd place in the All-Russian competition of projects of regional and municipal informatization "PROFIT.2020" "Interactive interaction with citizens" nomination

logo Active citizen
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request more data:smartcity@mos.ru
Latest update:04.20.2021
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