According to CNews estimates, in 2019 the revenue of IaaS providers grew by 49% and reached 24 billion rubles ($315 million). According to experts, the growth rates remained high for over the past three years: in 2018, the market has grown by 56%, and in 2017 - by 54%, which proves that there is a high potential for the  wider implementation of the cloud model of service consumption.

The companies in the ranking did not change: companies from the top 5 retained their positions, with the exception of Rostelecom and MTS, which swapped places: the state operator moved up to the second place  - 3.5 billion rubles ($46 million) with an increase of 46%, and MTS now occupies the third place  - 3.35 billion rubles, equivalent to $44 million, with a 36% increase. 

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