logo Balancing physicians’ schedule

Balancing physicians’ schedule

Balancing physicians’ schedule with predicative analytics


A system for balancing out the busyness of regional physicians’ schedules through predicative analytics using the Big Data product from the Department of Information Technologies (DIT).

The solution aims at balancing out the busy schedules of regional physicians at clinics. It fulfills its purpose by taking account of the following: retaining most of the staff at their current workplaces, patient’s loyalty and his age and gender makeup, calculating the score of a person and predicting the number of visits using available information: age, gender, physical disability, etc. The algorithm would divide physicians into two groups: excessive busyness and insufficient busyness, sorting people out at clinics by the score, consistent regrouping of patients while balancing out the predicted busyness of schedules.

The solution is currently in the design stage.

logo Balancing physicians’ schedule


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