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Cognitive Pilot

Autonomous control system for ground transportation


C-pilot comes with a suite of sensors: TOF cameras, radar, lidars, other sensors for detecting objects, and a GLONASS/GPS based positioning sensor.

The data is processed by an onboard minicomputer. The sensors enable 360-degree  environment perception. SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technologies convert the geographic coordinates collected by positioning sensors into the car’s local coordinate system. Once the objects detection data and cartographic information is collected, road scene objects and the vehicle become linked to each other.

Static and dynamic objects’ position and movement tracking, near collision calculation, collision warning occurs at the next module.

The calculation of the optimal movement trajectory is made possible by an intelligent system that uses RRT (Rapidly Exploring random three) and an A search algorithm modification. The programs of the next module’s controller can turn the steering wheel at the required angle with the required speed, bring the car to a halt in time and increase the speed of the vehicle.

The system was used to develop the LDWS solution to warn about a car’s veering from a traffic lane, TSR – to identify road signs, FCW – to warn about a collision when a car rides with traffic, PPS – for the pedestrian protection system.

logo Cognitive Pilot
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