logo City wide contact center

City wide contact center

Robotic voice notification service for citizens


The city wide contact center includes 34 hotlines for citizens, legal entities, authorities. It processes more than 3 million citizens’ calls per month, providing a high level of service provision and quality on a daily basis.

The automation of self-service is made possible with the help of voice interfaces. A robot consults citizens on  the payment for utilities services and changes in their rates, responds to the questions about planned hot water outage, informs about the address of the nearest state services center “My documents” and its working hours, informs the date of readiness of a social card, patents, informs a citizen the contacts of the property management company using the subscriber’s address.

The robot improves its pronunciation in real time, analyzes subscribers’ stress and intonation. The analysis of the collected data allows the robot to offer the administrator of the system to make changes to the stress and intonation of words. The virtual operator learns how a human responds to his speech and how successful the communication has been.

The city-wide contact center uses the following technologies: omnichannel communication (mutual integration of disparate communication channels into a single system), robot-operator, person voice identification, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, emotion recognition by voice.

logo City wide contact center
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563Latest update:11.30.2018

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