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Biometric face recognition that recognizes age and gender


VOCORD FaceControl detects and identifies people from video cameras online and in databases of images, automatically saves all identified faces in an archive, instantly notifies an operator about the appearance of a wanted person, identifies age and gender, performs analytics of visitors for marketing reports. The system allows you to deploy a face recognition system both on common IP cameras and specialized cameras VOCORD NetCam4.

NetCam4 K series cameras are used for face recognition on the fly. They are installed at entrances or in places of organized passage: pedestrian crossings, queues, turnstiles. These cameras automatically detect the faces of all people it captures, take a photograph of them and sendsthem to the server of VOCORD FaceControl over the network where they save them in an archive and check them in databases of wanted people. If the system finds a match with an image from a database of wanted people, it will immediately sendsan alert to the operator.

For access control and time attendance and management, any IP cameras and even web cameras can be used. The recommended camera resolution – from 1 MP (the distance between the pupils is at east 40-50 pixels).

logo VOCORD FaceControl



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