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Digital Twin of Moscow


A digital twin is a full-fledged photogrammetric 3D model of Moscow, on the basis of which real-time monitoring and management of the city economy are carried out. The information to the digital twin comes from various data sources. 

This technology helps the authorities analyze and simulate the processes taking place in the city in real time, receive all the necessary visual information about the city in 3D format for making management decisions, for example, when planning city development and planning territories taking into account legal restrictions.

The project includes street panoramas (including archival information), models of buildings and structures, it is also possible to apply thematic layers. All this makes it possible to take into account the maximum number of parameters in forecasting and evaluate all options, manage urban planning solutions and the urban economy.

The use of the digital twin provides a more comprehensive approach to the development of infrastructure and the improvement of the city, taking into account all parameters and development scenarios. The project can be used not only for infrastructure development, but also for ensuring safety and health protection. During the spread of COVID-19, the digital twin of Moscow made it possible to simulate the construction of healthcare facilities to analyze the measures to reduce the effects of the virus in the city. Also, based on the project data, it is possible to implement modeling of the road infrastructure to optimize traffic flows in Moscow. The functional capabilities of the digital twin helps make life in the city more comfortable.

key results:
  • Launch date: 2019
  • The project is one of the few of its kind implemented on the territory of a large megacity like Moscow
  • The project won the “Award for Excellence” of the International Society of City and Regional Planners ISOCARP
  • In December 2020, the project won the TAdviser IT-PRIZE in the “Digital Twin of the Year” nomination
logo Digital Twin of Moscow
applicable un sustainability goals:
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Latest update:04.20.2021
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