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Moscow Investment Portal


To improve the efficiency and quality of interaction between the Moscow authorities and business, in 2014, with the support of the Moscow Government, the Moscow Investment Portal was launched. For seven years, it has remained one of the most popular specialized business resources. More than 46 thousand personal accounts are registered on the site. Entrepreneurs have access to 30 online services, which were used more than 95 thousand times in 2020.
Online services make it easier for entrepreneurs to receive support measures from the city, reduce the time of interaction, and help find sites, partners and information necessary for the implementation of investment projects.
At the end of 2020, the Moscow Investor service was launched on the portal. Moscow businessmen can send questions and suggestions on investment activities in the capital and receive a prompt response in their personal account.

The Industry section of the Moscow Investment Portal helps manufacturers find a site where they can locate their production. In addition, a map of the integrated development of territories, a list of the latest technological developments, as well as current industry news are available to registered users of the portal.

To facilitate easy access to the investment portal services, a mobile application has been launched. Via app, users can submit an appeal, receive information about city property and select the most suitable objects, read profile news and check their application status in their personal account.

key results:
  • Project launched: 2014
  • • The portal has existed for 7 years and had more than 13 million visits over the entire period of its existence • 46,000 registered users  • 95,000 have used online services in the last year  • 6 000 objects of city property presented in the trading system  • The number of visitors per day increased 82 times
  • 1.7% growth in the volume of investments in fixed assets in the capital in 2020 compared to the last year.

The project was awarded the Useful Practice diploma at the review competition of the Assembly of Capitals and Large Cities of the EAEU The City where you want to live

The project was shortlisted for The DADI Awards in the Financial Services nomination


The project won the Digital Summit award in the Best Solution for Economic Development nomination

The project received a special prize in the Russian Golden Site award in the nomination - Business and Investment Support Site

logo Moscow Investment Portal
applicable un sustainability goals:
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Latest update:04.20.2021
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