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Museum Moscow Online


The Museum Moscow Online project is a virtual collection of exhibits from Moscow museums. Photos of unique exhibits and entire museum expositions are available free of charge to users from all over the world.

Thanks to the project, residents of all regions of Russia and other countries can get acquainted with the history and culture of Moscow, interesting exhibitions and unusual exhibits, including photographs of rare items from museum collections.

The portal is regularly updated with new objects. More than 73 thousand exhibits and almost 600 exhibitions are now available on the project's website. The users of the portal have access to the expositions of the Biological Museum named after K.A. Timiryazev, the State Darwin Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Moscow Zoo, the Museum of Cosmonautics and other world-famous institutions.

The development of the project became especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, when visits to museums and exhibition galleries were temporarily suspended for the safety of citizens.

key results:
  • More than 76 thousand exhibits and more than 600 exhibitions are available on the portal
logo Museum Moscow Online
applicable un sustainability goals:
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Latest update:04.20.2021
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