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Tech in Moscow #28

September 8, 2021, 12:57 (UTC+3)|

Top tech stories from August 23 – September 3


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Face Pay to be Implemented on all Moscow Metro Stations on October 15

Source: Moscow Transport Department 

Starting from September 15, Moscow city authorities plan to double the number of Moscow Metro stations with Face Pay system and by October 15 the system should work on all stations.

As for the beginning of September, 15 thousand people have already submitted their biometric data. The system allows writing off funds from a bank card account, as well as from the Troika electronic card. The turnstiles that support the new technology are marked with a round black sticker on the floor.

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Other stories:

  • NtechLab’s Facial Recognition System Launched on Indian Railways
  • Moscow Biometric System Face Pay Reaches TechFest Finals
  • Avant Space to Launch a Solution for Advertising from Satellites
  • MTUCI Preparing a Research Project on Implementing 6G in Russia
  • Moscow Integrates Samsung Pay with Troika Virtual Fare Card


Russia to Create a Unified Digital Platform for Science

Market Players Speak on the Upcoming Regulatory Document for Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

Government Presents a Roadmap for the Development of Electric Transport and End-to-End Technologies

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  • Yandex to Acquire Uber’s Interest in FoodTech, Delivery and Self-Driving Businesses
  • Sberbank Might Bring Part of its Ecosystem to IPO in 2023
  • Delivery Service Dostavista Raises $35 Million, Rebrands to Borzo
  • MegaFon Estimates its Share in AliExpress Russia at $1.6 Billion


What Russian AI industry has to offer the world?

Source: Yandex

Despite the industry’s heavy reliance on government support, Russian AI-based companies manage to come up with some of the leading solutions on a global scale. The problem is, oftentimes those solutions are not visible on the world AI map.

ICT.Moscow discussed the specifics of the industry with a lead expert, a chief analyst at the MIPT Center for Artificial Intelligence Igor Pivovarov. He shared some of his insights on how foreign actors view AI in Russia, talked about the problems of the industry, the impact of the pandemic on the demand for technologies, and Russia’s entry into international markets.

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researches, monitorings, reports and other analytics of Moscow and Russian IT market

in Q2 of 2021, after a prolonged decline, the share of spam in global mail traffic started to grow again and averaged 46.56%.

  • TADVISER: The largest integrators of industrial robots in Russia 2021 →

Data from 72 Russian integrators were obtained and assessed for the survey of the largest Russian integrators of industrial robots.

  • RUSBASE: Map of the Russian ArtTech-market →

Based on big data analyses, researchers identified the most significant digital technologies that are already used in Russian and global manufacturing industry.

  • VCIOM: Online medicine purchases in Russia →

The study is designed to analyze transport systems in 25 cities of the world and to benchmark critical aspects of their performance that have the most effect on city residents’ transport needs and quality of life.

  • SMART RANKING: Top EdTech companies in Russia at the end of Q2 of 2021 →

Smart Ranking has compiled a ranking of the largest EdTech companies in Russia.

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a showcase of some AI-based solutions using biometric data

Metro fare payment service.

System of data management and person verification and indentification.

A multi-object video analytics platform that allows recognizing faces and silhouettes of people, cars, and license plates in the video stream.

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discover people who stand behind the innovative companies and projects in Moscow

Igor Pivovarov, chief analyst at the MIPT Center for Artificial Intelligence | LinkedIn

Daniil Shuleyko, head of E-Commerce and Ridetech group of Yandex | LinkedIn

Mike Alexandrovski, founder and CEO of Borzo (fromer Dostavista) | LinkedIn

Alexander Malinin, Technical Director of Avant Space | Facebook

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